Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slot

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Where Can You Play It?
How Do You Play It?
Special features Explained
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An online slot with the word Powerpoint in it might sound like an absolute nightmare if you have ever set foot in an office. However, please stick with us because Netent has made something special with the Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ Slot. This game is visually stunning and has some entertaining features (which we will explain later).

We haven’t even mentioned the bonus game you occasionally enrol in while playing. If you do, you might be pleased to know you can win 10,020x your stake. Before diving in, we just want to say; please try this game; we had so much fun while playing the demo! Besides, there is a nice welcome bonus available at N1 casino right now.

Where Can I Play Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slot?

We are committed to giving you a fair, safe, and fun place to gamble. Please use the filter option and choose the country that you’re in at the moment. We have made sure that only online casinos pop up that follow the local laws and hold the proper license.

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You can play Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ at one of the casinos above starting from 30 June 2022. If you sign up via the link, you will also be able to claim their welcome bonus.

How Do You Play The Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slot?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ is the latest slot coming from the beloved Netent. In this How-to, you will learn exactly how to play it.

  1. Go To A Reliable Casino and Find Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ in The Slot Section.

    This step is easy, simply click one of the casinos. Those are all safe and reliable casinos, that also offer Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™.

    Pick a casino

  2. Set Your bet Amount and Number of Autoplay Rounds.

    Like with every slot, the first step is to set your bet amount, only bet money you can afford to miss. You can change your bet amount by clicking on the coin icon at the bottom of the screen. The minimal wager is 0,2 Euro.

    After that, you can also choose to let the slot play automatically. If you wish to do that, you must click on the button left of the play icon, which brings you to the screen you see below.


  3. Try to Collect as many Powerpoints as you can.

    The goal is to collect as many Powerpoints as you can. Every time you have matching symbols Powerpoints get added to your meter. As you collect more powerpoints you progress to higher levels, which bring higher multipliers along with them.

    Collecting Powerpoints

  4. Look Out For The Special Symbols and Combos.

    Whilst you are having a good time trying to progress to higher levels, Look out for the special Symbols and combos. These include:
    -Column/Row Blaster
    -Wild + Multiplier Wild
    -Various combos involving these unique combos

    Later in this page, we explain exactly how these all work. We have also provided pictures, so you know precisely what to look for.

    Special Symbols and Combo's

  5. Optional: Activate the Buy feature.

    This is not a must! However, if you are feeling impatient, this is a great option. The Buy feature allows you to immediately progress to the Free Spins Bonus Round. In return for a higher bet, that is.

    Buy feature Space Wars 2

  6. The Free Spins Bonus Round.

    As we already mentioned, once you collect 1000 Powerpoints you qualify for the Free Spins Bonus Round. This is so much fun and can earn you lots of free spins! Also, when you enter the round, the grid expands to 8×6.Free Spins Bonus Round

  7. Wait for a Big Win!.

    Now, we think by now you realize that this game is a lot of fun. Nevertheless, the best part about this game is the potential for huge wins, as you see below. The choice is yours; keep playing till you get one or just play casually.

    Space Wars Powerpoints Slot Big Wins

All Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slot Features Explained

It is safe to say this slot is packed with unique features, but this can be challenging to process. That is why in this section, we will explain every single feature. Also, we have added pictures of the various symbols (for the visual learner among you 😊).


Powerpoints Space wars

Powerpoints are obviously one of the most critical aspects of the Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ Slot. It works like this:

All the points you collect in either the main game or the Free spins get added to the powerpoints meter at the top of the slot.

As you collect more points, you will move up levels. Every time you move up a level, the multipliers increase. Thus, increasing your wins!

Free Spins

Free spins Space wars 2

When you collect 1000 of the aforementioned Powerpoints, you activate Free spins. The more powerpoints you have collected in the main game, the more Free Spins you will receive. During this mode, the grid also expands to 8 rows high.

Column/Row Blaster

Colomn Row Blaster

Now we have arrived at the special symbols you will encounter. This one is straightforward:

You are awarded a Column blaster if you get a four-symbol horizontal match. The Column Blaster destroys every symbol in its reel. Moreover, you also earn a lot of Powerpoints.

The Row Blaster is similarly triggered by a 4 symbol vertical match. Subsequently, the entire row is blaster away ( except wilds, of course).


Zapper space wars 2

Suppose you get a 5 or 6 symbol win. In that case, a Zapper symbol appears, and the zapper removes random symbol types in the following pattern:

A 5-symbol match = 1 to 4 types of characters are removed.

A 6-symbol match = 3 to 4 types of symbols are removed.

Visually, the zapper feature is quite amazing. When activated you see a bright electric bolt electrocuting symbols in a random pattern.


Bomb space wars

The Bomb feature is probably our favourite feature in the entire game. You are awarded a Bomb when you get a win consisting of vertical and horizontal matches. Another prerequisite is that vertical and horizontal matches must be from the same symbol.

The bomb then explodes and destroys all the symbols around it (except for Wilds and feature symbols)

The fun thing is that if a bomb touches a multiplier, the Powerpoint also get multiplied accordingly.


Wild space wars

A simple 3 symbol match makes a Wild symbol appear in place of one of the removed symbols. In the bonus game, it is also possible for the wild to carry a multiplier. The awarded Powerpoints will also be multiplied if used in a win.

The Buy and the Avalanche Feature

Let’s say you are someone who doesn’t want to wait around for good luck. Well Netent has thought of you! You can activate Free Spins right away with the Buy Feature. 8, 12, or 16 Free Spins cost 75, 140, or 250 times the bet accordingly.

A thing you also might notice about this slot is that the reels don’t spin. Unlike traditional slots, they fall into the slots left empty after a win. Netent call this change “an Avalanche”. It is similar to something you see in games like candy crush.

3 Possible Combos Explained

In our opinion, the Combos are really what make this game stand out. The great thing about them is that they give you the feeling that anything can happen.


Combo 1 Space wars 2

When you land a Column/Row Blaster and a Bomb symbol that border each other, the Combo 1 is triggered. As a result of this combo, all symbols in either 3 rows or 3 reels are blasted away, depending on whether it’s a Column Blaster or a Row Blaster. When we say “3 rows or 3 reels”, we mean the row of the special symbols, along with the rows to the right and the left.


Combo 2 Space wars 2

The second Combo appears when a Zapper and a Bomb border each other. In this case, 1-3 types of symbols randomly turn into bombs. A very explosive Combo, For sure!


Combo 3 Space wars 2

A Zapper and a Column/Row Blaster next to each other trigger the third Combo. When this happens, 1-2 types of symbols randomly transform into a blaster. You can imagine that in this case, it is not uncommon for all the symbols to disappear when the blasters do their thing.

Our Opinion on Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slot

The original space wars is obviously a classic. But, We think this sequel was nevertheless very much needed. There isn’t even a comparison regarding visual quality, sound effects, and unique features. Netent has outdone themselves; the Space Wars 2™ Powerpoints™ Slot is charming and quite innovative, although it doesn’t like it at first glance. We love the combo’s especially, a creative idea from the Netent team. However, what makes this slot great is the potential to win 10,020 times your stake, which is much higher than most recent slots.

To sum up, we think this is one of the best slots in recent memory. Definitely check it out if you like slots. After playing this we are even more hyped for the upcoming Netent release: Super stars Slot.

Frequently Asked Questions Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slot

  • When will Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slot Be Released?

    Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slot will be released 30 June.

  • How do You Collect Free pins?

    When you collect 1000 of the aforementioned Powerpoints, you activate Free spins.

  • What is Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slots RTP?

    It’s 96,9%.

  • What do all the symbols in Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slot Mean?

    We have explained this in detail above. Check it out if you are interested.

  • What are Powerpoints in Space Wars 2™Powerpoints™ Slot?

    Powerpoints are basicly the points you win when have matching symbols in the slot. The goal is to collect as much of them as you can, because they allow you to progress to higher levels. When you collect 1000 Powerpoints you can enter the Free Spins bonus game.

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