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Every day, casino developers release new games and features to enrich the online casino experience. However, it seems they have overlooked the social roots of a casino. This is precisely why Michael Pedersen came up with Livespins.

Livespins is a reaction to the immense popularity of streaming platforms like Twitch. Online casino is one of the most popular genres on the platform; people find it really exciting to watch others gamble. Livespins takes this one step further by letting people bet alongside their favourite streamers. Read this page to learn everything we know so far about this exciting new service.

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How Does Livespins Work?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

This is how the new category of online casinos is going to work.

  1. Pick Your Favourite Streamer

    After logging in at the casino and going to the Livespins section, you are presented with a list of your favourite streamers. After making your choice, you can view the stream right from the casino!

  2. Bet Alongside Each Other

    Now you are in the stream, you can either sit back and enjoy it or join in and bet alongside them. This is the revolutionary thing about Livespins. Not only can you automatically copy the streamers’ bets, but you can also bet together with the rest of the viewers.
    Something to keep in mind is that in these so-called group bets, you are free to choose the bet amount and number of spins.

  3. Engage with the community

    The great thing about the group bets is that you are all in it together; it creates a natural bond. You can chat and send your live reactions to your peers. And all of this whilst everyone is enjoying the same stream and betting behind each other. Incredible!

The Benefits of Livespins

The company behind Livespins argues that its product adds value to every part of the online casino ecosystem. They aim to bring a lot of benefits to the table in four sectors:

  • Operators
  • Players
  • Providers
  • Streamers

The group who benefit the most from Livespins is you guys: The players. Because they are the ones that can watch their favourite streamers play while playing their favourite slot while engaging with like-minded people. We think it is going to be a great experience for them.

LiveSpins casino the next big thing

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