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Where Can You Play It?
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The Side Bets Explained
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After Super Andar Bahar Live, this is the second Indian gem Evolution has made its own version. Evolution’s Teen Patti Live is a top-tier, simple poker game. Moreover, the game is hosted by a gorgeous Indian-Style studio.

Teen Patti Live offers the usual Poker bets in an easy, fun main game. The main match presents payouts of 1:1 and 5:1. However, Evolution wouldn’t be Evolution if they didn’t add some great side bets in their Live Casino version. These side bets provide the player with payouts of up to 1000:1.

Where Can I Play Teen Patti Live?

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Teen Patti live is developed by Evolution. This means it will be available at all casinos that offer Evolution games. Above, we have made a selection of our favourite casinos that are available in your country, offer Teen Patti Live, and also offer great bonuses. So, what are you waiting for? Click one of the links to play!

How to Play Teen Patti Live?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Teen Patti live is the latest live casino game from Evolution. Learn exactly how you play it in this how-to.

  1. Place The Main “Ante” Bet

    When you have registered at one of the casinos above and you found the game in the casino, you are ready for the first step. You must place an Ante bet if you want to participate in a round.
    Your goal during a Teen Patti live round is to obtain a better 3-card poker hand than the dealer.

    Time to place the Ante bet

  2. Take Part in the Side Bets

    Along with the main “Ante” bet, there are 2 side bets;
    Pair plus
    6 Card bonus bet
    When you play these side bets, you can win up to 1000X your wager. Even if you don’t win your main bet!

    Time to place the Teen patti Live Side bets

  3. The Cards Are Dealt

    Now, the dealer hands you 3 cards ( face up). Whereafter he/she hands themselves 3 cards ( face down). In the main game, the highest ranking hand wins, and the dealer needs a Queen high or better to qualify. At the bottom of this page, you will find a nice infographic that explains all the different card combinations in Teen Patti live.

    3 Cards are dealt

  4. Make a Play Bet or Fold

    After your hand is complete, you have to make a choice;
    If you play, you make an extra bet equal to your initial ante bet. Whereas if you fold, you lose your ante bet. If you choose to fold, the game ends here for you.

    A choice to Bet or Fold in Teen Patti Evolution

  5. The Results

    Finally, the dealer’s hand is revealed. Let us discuss the possible results of the main game. The side bet results are discussed later on this page.

    If the dealer qualifies, it is compared to the player’s hand. If you have a higher hand, you win a payout of 1:1.

    In case the dealer has a higher hand, you lose your ante and play bets.

    When the hands are equal in rank, you receive your bets back. You win nothing, and you lose nothing.

    Regardless of the dealers’ value, you receive an “Ante Bonus” if you get a straight or better

    All game results are shown

The Side Bets Explained

As we mentioned before, Teen Patti Live features two Side Bets. Evolution is no stranger to creating great side bets that spice up a game. Moreover, we think they have exactly that. The Side Bets work like this:

The Pair Plus Bet

Both the bets pay out if your hand is at a certain value or better. The value of the dealers’ hand doesn’t influence it at all. To win the Pair Plus Bet you must do two things.

  • Place a bet on the Pair Plus box.
  • Get a hand with a value of a Pair or better.

When you achieve this, you will receive a payout up to 100x. However, most payouts will be 1-5x. The better your hand, the higher your payout will be.

The 6 Card Bonus Bet

The 6 Card Bonus Bet Evolution allows you to win 1000x your wager. It is, therefore, undoubtedly worth it to thoroughly read this part. To sum up, this Side Bet pays out when you have a hand-value of “3 of a kind” or better. Similar to the previous side bet, this one also gives higher payouts the better your hand is. A thing to note is that the hand in this bonus is made by combining your cards with those of the dealer.

However, to win anything, you must bet on the “6 Card Bonus” box before the game. When you do this, you could win 1000X your wager if you are lucky. So, let’s say you bet €3. In this case, you could log out with €3000 on your account!

Evolution Teen Patti Hand Values

Teen Patti Live by Evolution is a 3 Card Poker game. We know that this can be a little bit confusing. Because it is just assumed that everyone knows the various hand values you can get in 3 card poker.

Therefore, we thought we would make a nice infographic that explains this simply. At the top, you’ll find the lowest hand, and as you go down, you’ll work your way to the best hand in Teen Patti Live.

A circle means you win the Pair Plus Round with it.

A Star means you win a 6 Card Bonus round with it (although there are more possible hands for this one)

Hand Values Teen Patty Live Explained in an Infographic

Strategy Teen Patti Live

We have tested the game extensively and tried a few multiple tactics. Furthermore, we calculated the best tactic when the payout table was published. To sum up:

There is only one “smart” strategy when you play Teen Patti Live.

That strategy works as follows: you play with the hand I fit is a queen, six, four or better. Statistically, this is your best hope. The dealer doesn’t qualify Below a high queen. This means that sometimes you win regardless of your own cards. Playing the queen, six, four hands gives you the same chance as the dealer has of not qualifying.

Strategy side bets

The side bets are a bit more difficult. Firstly, the six-card bonus should be treated as something for fun. It is not a good strategy; you should expect to lose mainly. However, when you win, you win big.

The pair plus bet is, on the other hand, quite a good side bet to do. Because there are 26 possible pairs. They are, therefore, quite common. On top of that, this side bet also pays you out for better combinations. We recommend using this side bet in evolutions’ Teen Patti.

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Our Opinion

What do we think of this game? If we ignore the obvious similarity to Ezugi Teen Patti and even Caribbean stud poker, we think it is fantastic. 3 Card poker is always a fun addition to your gambling session; on top of that, this version is really great for Indian players who want a modern twist on a traditional game.

An Evolution game is always a pleasure to play because of the studio, presenter and the quality of the side bets.

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