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Where Can You Play It?
How Do You Play It?
Our Opinion

Other developers like Playtech and Azugi all offer some kind of standard Andar Bahar. For the longest time, Evolution has held off on this until now. Instead of copïng the original entirely, Evolution has decided to spice Andar bahar up in their style. They call it: Super Andar Bahar.

Super Andar bahar is the original game you are used to. You can bet on Andar or the Bahar side. Where this game stands out is the live dealer, the great side bet and the massive multipliers. You could think of it as an adaptation of the original with a modern twist. The simplicity of baccarat mixed with the side bets of something like Boom City.

Where Can You Play Super Andar Bahar?

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How Do You Play Super Andar Bahar?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Super Andar Bahar is Evolutions’ version of the popular Indian game. A modern Interpretation of standard Andar Bahar one might say.

  1. Join the Lobby

    The first step is to join the lobby. Go to one of our suggested casinos, the game should be under the live casino section.

    Super Andar Bahar Step 1

  2. Make Your Main Bet

    Once you are in the lobby, you have two options: Andar and Bahar. The dealer will start dealing the cards. The first one is dubbed the Joker.

    Andar Bahar Live Step 2

  3. Consider the Side Bets

    The special thing about Evolution’s Andar bahar is the side bets. You are able to bet on how many cards get drawn until the winner is revealed. These side bets come with random multipliers.

    Super Andar Bahar step 3

  4. The Winners are revealed

    When the dealer draws a card that matches the joker in rank, The game ends. The pile on which the dealer places the card wins. And the players who get the side bets correct also cash out.

    Andar Bahar LiveStep 4

This is How the Game Works

Live Super Andar Bahar will probably be a familiar experience for our Indian users, as the game is derivative of the super-popular Andar Bahar. We believe the Evolution version is even better. Let us shortly explain how the game works.

Super Andar bahar is a straightforward game at its core. You play with a 52-card deck, and there is no need to learn any card values because those are irrelevant in Super Andar Bahar.

The table is divided into two sides; Andar & Bahar.

At the start of every round, the dealer turns one card over and sets it apart: This card is the joker.

Your goal is to guess on which side the first card with the same value as the joker lands, The Andar- Or Bahar side.

Let’s say the dealer picks a king as joker. The dealer will keep dealing the cards alternately to Andar & Bahar until he deals another king. That is when the round ends. You win if your bet was on Bahar and the king lands on Bahar. Simple right!

The Betting Options

Betting Options Super Andar Bahar

In ordinary Andar Bahar, you have two options; Andar or Bahar. Nonetheless, this is no regular game; this is Super Andar Bahar.

Along with the usual betting options, you also have the choice out of 10 side bets. You are allowed to bet on as many side bets at once as you like.

In the side bets, you guess how many cards must be dealt before a card with the same value as the joker appears. You make this bet in a specific range. The ranges are:

BetRegular PayoutMax Payout
Cards 1-52:19:1
Cards 6-103:114:1
Cards 11-154:119:1
Cards 16-205:129:1
Cards 21-258:139:1
Cards 26-3012:159:1
Cards 31-3520:199:1
Cards 36-4040:1199:1
Cards 41-45110:1499:1
Cards 46-49800:13999:1

Additional random multipliers are added to these bets, which can range up to 5000x. So it is possible to win huge sums of money.

Super Andar Bahar RTP’s

The RTPs vary between the different bets. The side bets have an RTP of 96%, and Bahar has an RTP of 97%, whereas the RTP for Andar is 97,85%.

You might think you should never make the side bets, and statistically, you are right. However, you still recommend you do them because they are so exciting. The random multipliers can make you rich.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Opinion

We think this is an outstanding move on Evolution’s part; Andar Bahar was already a fun game. It was just a little plain at times. Evolution fixed this by introducing the side bets. This makes it much more exciting because the multipliers can go up to 4000x. We think Super Andar Bahar will bring Andar Bahar to a new audience and reignite the excitement of long-time fans.

We especially think it is smart of Evolution to release their own version of Indian games like Teen Patti Live and this one. It can bring in a whole other audience.

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