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Monopoly Big Baller is the latest live casino game from Evolution. It is a mix of Mega Ball Live and Monopoly Live, and it is exactly as great as it sounds. Try to fill out as many bingo cards as possible, collect multipliers, and qualify for the fantastic bonus round!

This page explains the most important things you need to know before you play. We have a list of the best casinos in your country that offer Monopoly Big Baller. Along with this, you’ll learn how to play the game, the best strategies, and the workings of the fantastic bonus round.

Best Online Casinos That Have Monopoly Big Baller

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How Do You Play Monopoly Big baller?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to play Monopoly Big Baller. We recommend you to read the steps at least once before playing, so you will not be surprised…

  1. Register at a Casino With Evolution’s Games

    In order to play Monopoly Big Baller, of course, you must first create an account at a casino where you can play the game. Since it is a game from Evolution, you need to look for a casino with their games.

    To make it easier for you, we already did our research and listed all the casinos with Evolution’s games above.

    Look for a good Evolution Casinoi

  2. Place Your Bet

    To participate in Monopoly Big Baller, you must place a bet.
    You can bet on:
    – One or both “Free Parking” cards, which are the green cards,
    – One or both “Chance cards”, which are the yellow cards
    – 3 Rolls
    – 5 Rolls
    A combination is, of course, also possible.

    The “Free Parking” cards have a free parking space in the centre, considered a drawn number. This increases the chance of getting a line on this card.

    The “Chance cards” are guaranteed to have a multiplier in the centre.

    Time to place your monopoly bets

  3. Additional Free Parking Spaces And Multipliers Are Added

    After the betting is over, Mr Monopoly comes into action. He will pull a virtual lever that causes free parking spots and multipliers to be added at random. Also, the numbers on the bingo cards and the numbers you have to spin for 3 Rolls or 5 Rolls are revealed.

    There are three types of multipliers:
    Standard multiplier: multiplies the payout if you form a line with this number in it
    Line multiplier: multiplies the payout if you form this exact line
    Global multiplier: multiplies the payout for each line you form on this card if this number is drawn

    More details about the multipliers you can find under the heading Chance Multipliers

    Multipliers and free parking spaces are revealed

  4. The Balls Are Drawn

    The bingo game starts when Mr Monopoly has done his thing, and all free parking spots and multipliers are known.
    In total, there are 60 balls in the machine, of which 20 are drawn. Ticking off the numbers goes automatically.

    screenshot of the Balls being rolled

  5. The Monopoly Bonus Game

    One or both of the bonus games will be activated if you are lucky. To do this, the balls on the card must be drawn. For 3 Rolls, three numbers have to be drawn, and for 5 Rolls, four numbers have to be drawn.

    The 3 Rolls and 5 Rolls cards are the same for everyone, so you all play the same bonus game at the same time.
    To participate in the bonus game, you need to have placed a bet on it; if you haven’t, you’ll be a spectator. Later on this page, we go into more detail. We’ll explain how to bonus game works and which strategy you should use.

    Monopoly Big baller Bonus game

Main game Explained

In short, the Monopoly Big Baller main game is a bingo game disguised as an Evolution game show.

You can bet on four bingo cards if you want to; this gives you a good chance of winning money. However, it obviously costs more too. Along with the regular bingo cards, you have the option to bet on two bonus game Bingo cards. If you fill out one of these cards, you are qualified for the Monopoly board bonus game.

Free Spaces

Before you continue with the game, you receive a few Free Spaces on your bingo cards. Free spaces are spots on your bingo cards that are filled in before the fun begins. They make it easier for you to fill out a row or an entire card,

Free Space logo


Together with these Free Spaces, Mr Monopoly assigns multipliers to the cards. You will encounter three different types of multipliers in Monopoly big baller:

  • Global, this will multiply any other multipliers on the card. It will also multiply all your winnings on that card. Global multipliers will generally be 2x-4x.
  • Standard, a standard multiplier, effect one number. If you fill out a line that includes that number, your winnings get multiplied by it. The standard multiplier is either 10x or 20x.
  • Line, you receive a multiplier in this case if you fill out the exact line that is shown.

Finally, Mr Monopoly’s machine draws 20 out of the 60 possible numbers. Your goal as a player is to have those number match with the numbers on your cards.

Multiplier Logo

Types of bingo cards

Bingo cards in the main game

The two types of normal bingo cards are:

  • Free space cards: these cards feature a guaranteed free space spot in the middle of the card. This increases your odds of completing a line on the card.
  • Chance card: when you bet on this card, you receive a guaranteed multiplier in the centre.

Subsequently, you have a choice to make. Do you go for the higher chance of completing a line? Or, do you go for a card with higher multipliers? Here are the corresponding payouts ( although you have to keep in mind that your chances are higher when you have a free space card ) :

Free space2–39:1 per line
Chance card2–199:1 per line

Monopoly Big Baller Bonus round Explained

The Monopoly Big Baller main game is entertaining. However, the incredible bonus game is the most unique thing about this game. If you have played Monopoly Live before, you can skip this step, as the bonus game works exactly the same! A smart move by Evolution, as it is a super exciting bonus game.

The bonus game takes place on a virtual 3D Monopoly board game. At first, houses and hotels are randomly built on certain streets, which are actually extra multipliers of up to 500x. Next, two dice are rolled. These are not virtual but real.

With 3 and 5 Rolls, the dice are rolled 3 and 5 times. Mr Monopoly advances the number of spaces on the board equal to the number of pips on the dice. The multiplier Mr Monopoly lands on is given, and then there is another dice roll until your rolls are finished. If you throw double, you get an extra roll!

It is something you must have seen if you like live casino games. Without further ado, let’s dive in deeper:

Phase 1: Qualify for 3-Rolls or 5-Rolls

Firstly, you have to qualify for this bonus game, and you do this by betting on the three-roll or five-roll bonus cards and filling them out. 

Phase 2: Hotels and Houses With Multipliers

After the 20 balls are drawn, and you are qualified, the bonus round starts immediately. You are introduced to the board with a cinematic intro, where you also get a chance to see the multipliers that are attached to the various tiles.

Houses and hotels fall on some of the tiles. On the respective tiles, the multipliers increase massively.

Phase 3: Rolling Dice

Now, two dice are rolled. Whereafter, Mr Monopoly moves the rolled number of tiles. If you qualify for the 3-rolls, the dice are rolled three times. Furthermore, if you qualify for the 5-rolls, they are rolled five times.

However, a thing to keep in mind is that you receive an extra roll if you roll two identical dice.

Phase 4: The Various Squares on the Monopoly Big Baller board

Finally, the bonus game kicks off. Mr Monopoly starts at the GO-square and moves around the board depending on the number of rolled dice dots. There are many different kinds of tiles you can land on, and let’s go over them all:

Normal street square: Your bet is multiplied by The number hovering above the street square.

Tax square: In this case, you must pay either 10% or 20% tax, which means you lose that percentage of your current winnings.

Chance and Community Square: Mr Monopoly draws a random card, which can mean anything. your winning could be multiplied by 10. On the other hand, you could be charged a €1 doctor fee, for example. To sum up, this square can be positive or negative.

Go To Jail square: This is the worst square you can possibly land on. As a result of it, Mr Monopoly goes to jail. Therefore, you can only move when you roll a double.

Go square: Nothing special happens when you land directly on the GO square. However, when you pass it, Mr Monopoly doubles all the multipliers on the board. This is the ideal situation!

Best Strategy Monopoly Big Baller

Now, you know where you can play Monopoly Big Baller and how to play both the main and the bonus games. However, you are probably wondering: How do I give myself the best chance of winning? We have put a lot of research into this exact question.

As a result, we probably have the best answer you will find on the internet.

To clarify, our strategy is based on our experience playing the game, logic, and calculations. Although it will give you the best chance of winning, it doesn’t guarantee success. It is still a gambling game.

Best Cards to Play

When it comes to strategy, the first choice you have to make is which cards you want to bet on. You have four choices:

  • Free Space card
  • Chance Card
  • 3-Rolls Card
  • 5-Rolls Card

As we mentioned, a Free Space card gives you a higher chance of completing a row, and a Chance Card gives you a higher chance of that row containing a multiplier. To sum up, they both offer different advantages.

Also, you should keep in mind that both cards receive extra Free Spaces and Multipliers.

We think the best strategy is to choose three Free Spaces Cards and one Chance Card. Because this increases the chance of you winning at least a little bit of money. Which isn’t very large otherwise.

You never know; maybe you’ll be lucky and catch a multiplier anyway.

Statistically, the best strategy would be to ignore the bonus round. However, that is extremely boring. Moreover, it robs you of the slim chance of winning those rare 250x multipliers. We suggest you bet a small amount on both of them, so you never miss out.


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  • Where can you play Monopoly Big Baller?
  • What is the RTP?
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  • What is the Highest Multiplier You Can Win?

Our Opinion

We think Monopoly Big Baller is an outstanding game. There is no bonus game in the online casino world that is as entertaining as this one. Furthermore, everyone knows exactly how it works because Monopoly is so well known!

The only big criticism we can think of, is that it can take a long time for the bonus game to appear. Consequently, you can end up playing the basic bingo game for ages. As you patiently wait for a bonus game. Although the main game is still fun, waiting so long for the bonus game can become tedious.

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