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Crazy time is a game you undoubtedly know, it has become the most popular gambling game on the internet since its release in 2020. Players got so hooked on Crazy Time because of the fun bonus games. Evolution gaming realised this, and thus they created a spin-off based on one of the bonus games: Crazy Coin Flip.

Where Can You Play Crazy Coin Flip?

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Crazy Coin Flip is Available at all casinos that offer evolution gaming games. However, we highly recommend N1 Casino. It is the safest and most reliable casino on the market and they offer great bonuses. Click the link above to sign up!

How Do You Play Crazy Coin Flip?

Time needed: 5 minutes.

Crazy Coin Flip is the latest live casino slot from Evolution. It is basically a spin-off of the coin flip bonus round you know from Crazy Time.

  1. Go to the Live Casino section and select Crazy Coin Flip

    This brings you to a screen that looks like a classic three-wheel slot machine. The thing that makes this game stand out is that the slot is guided by a host. A merge between slots and live casino!

    Crazy coin flip n1 casino

  2. Play the slot

    The slot works as you would expect, like any other slot. Below the reels, there is a timer of one minute, when it runs out a live bonus round occurs. To qualify you must get 3 scatters before the 1-minute timer ends. If you are lucky those scatters include multipliers. All the multipliers you get in the minute for each colour add up.

    Crazy Coin flip Slot

  3. Activate The Option “XXXTREME SPINS”

    If you want an even higher chance of activating the ‘Crazy Coin Flip’ bonus game”, you might want to activate XXXTREME SPINS. There are two versions:
    – Guaranteed 1 Scatter, and more multipliers.
    – Guaranteed 2 Scatters, even more multipliers.
    The first option costs you 5x your initial bet. Whereas the second option costs you 50x your bet.
    KEEP IN MIND: XXXTREME Spins don’t automatically qualify you for the bonus game. However, it does give you a much higher chance so we would recommend it.

    XXTREME Spins

  4. Play Until You Get three Scatters

    Once you have chosen all of your settings, it is a matter of playing until you win three ‘Crazy Coin Flip’ scatters. This is the case in the image below.Win three Scatters

  5. The bonus round starts

    Now we enter the bonus round. But first, we end up in yet another slot. In this slot, the multipliers for the coin flip will be decided. As soon as you have three matching colours in a row, this multiplier is added to the colour.

    The cool part about this part of the game is that you can up your bet if you wish. If you choose to do this the multipliers increase as well.

    Bonus round starts

  6. These are added to the existing multipliers

    The new multipliers from the coins are added to the ones you earned during the slot round. They are still separated by colour.

    Multipliers are added

  7. Watch the Live Coin Flip

    Now you watch the coin flip. Each side has a different multiplier, the side of the coin that ends on top is the final multiplier you receive.

    Watch the Coin FLip

  8. Receive your profit

    The final multiplier decides your profit, enjoy!

    Crazy coin flip win

This is How Crazy Coin flip Works

There are two sections to Crazy Coin Flip.

1.  A 3-wheel Slot using a random number generator.

2.  A live Coin flip bonus round.

Crazy coin flip is what evolution gaming calls a “live slot”. It is a slot, and when you qualify for the bonus, you go into a live feature. At first, you play a regular slot. The slot offers regular prizes, nothing that isn’t already familiar to an experienced gambler.

Once you get three scatters, you qualify, this is when it really gets exciting. If you’re lucky, those scatters come with multipliers attached to them. In this case, you get to take those multipliers with you to the coin flip. The coin flip works exactly the same as it does in Crazy Time.

Let’s say the coin flip multiplier is 40x on one side, and you are entering with a 30x scatter multiplier. This would amount to (40 x 30= 1200) a multiplier of a whopping 1200x, which is added to the existing multiplier. This can result in incredible prizes!

The other fun thing about this coin flip is that they happen every other minute or so. Consequently, you will never have to wait very long for a bonus round to start.

Top Up Phase

Evolution added this phase later in the development of the game. We really like it, adds another dimension as it comes between qualification and the bonus round.

Once qualified, you’ll enter the Top-Up phase. In this phase, you enter an against-the-clock race where you can earn extra multipliers. That is if you choose to increase your Top-Up bet amount.

The slot features a three-reel slot machine with red and blue coin symbols, each with a multiplier value. Collect three coin symbols of the same colour in the middle row to earn multipliers. The overall Top-Up multiplier for the winning coin colour, red or blue, is calculated by adding the values of the won multipliers together. After the timer runs out you move to the Coin Flip bonus. However, if you qualified just before the start of the bonus round, you can choose to stay in the Top-Up Phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How Often Does the Bonus Round Take Place?
  • What is the Highest Multiplier Possible?
  • What is the Crazy Coin Flip’s RTP?

Our Opinion

Evolution is taking a bit of a shot here, and it is the first game of its kind. It is already looking like a real hit. This new evolution game is undoubtedly one worth checking out. And who knows, maybe if this game is successful, it could spark an entirely new genre of online slots.

New Promotions 8th August 2022