Holland Casino is a popular casino with over 40 years of experience in the casino industry. Millions of people visit every year, the customer service is friendly, the games on offer are extensive, and the cash prizes can be substantial. But how did this casino actually get started?

Please continue reading below to learn more about the history of Holland Casino and how it has evolved into the only real casino in the Netherlands.

Holland Casino is a State-Owned Enterprise.

Holland Casino is a state-owned enterprise, with the State Secretary of Finance responsible for the shares. The casino was founded in 1976 and had at least 40 years of experience in the casino world.

As the only legal provider of casino games in the Netherlands, Holland Casino has 14 branches and currently employs 3,700 people. According to the 2012 Reaction Agreement, it was intended that Holland Casino would be sold, but in 2019 it was decided not to do so. The reason for abandoning this was insufficient support in the Senate. The entire net profit is handed over to the state.

The First Branch

The first branch of Holland Casino opens in Zandvoort on October 1, 1976. It is the Netherlands’ first casino. Holland Casino’s first casino did not have its own premises but was housed in Strandhotel Bouwes. The branch in Zandvoort was hereby located on a local boulevard with a beautiful view of the sea.

Holland Casino Zandvoort
Holland Casino Zandvoort

The Second Branch

Barely six months after opening the first Holland Casino casino in Zandvoort, the second branch opened in Valkenburg in 1977. Holland Casino Valkenburg officially opened its doors on May 6. This casino does not have its own premises either, but Holland Casino Valkenburg is located in the well-known event venue, the Eurohal.

The second branch will start with a gaming offer of no less than 14 roulette tables, 6 blackjack tables and various small and large gaming rooms. Furthermore, there is a restroom with 3 televisions where customers can retreat or relax for a while. In addition, you can also visit Holland Casino Valkenburg for a drink and a snack at the bar or restaurant.

Eurohal Valkenburg
Eurohal Valkenburg

The Flourishing Years

After the opening of the first and second branches, Holland Casino began to develop more and more. More and more branches opened. The third branch opened in Scheveningen in 1979. In 1985 the branch in Rotterdam opened, in 1886 the one in Amsterdam and 1987 in Breda. In 1988 the Groningen branch opened its doors. At Nijmegen, it was 1989, Eindhoven opened in 1993, and the Schiphol branch opened in 1995. Furthermore, the Utrecht branch opened its doors in 2000, the Enschede branch in 2002, Venlo in 2006, Leeuwarden in 2006 and Amsterdam West in 2018.

The Economic Crisis

The economic crisis that erupted in the Netherlands in 2008 affected Holland Casino. The number of customers decreased significantly, and the customers that did come in did not spend much. In 2009, Holland Casino made losses of  ⁇ 10 million, with a low point in 2013 of over  ⁇ 22 million and a debt to the ABN of at least  ⁇ 60 million. To prevent it from going bankrupt, the management had to make major cuts in costs by laying off some of the staff.

From a Small Casino to 14 Branches

Who does not know Holland Casino? As a small casino that started without its own building and with only one branch, Holland Casino has grown considerably to become a major financial cash cow in the eyes of the government of the Netherlands.

Holland Casino started as a small casino in 1976. Nowadays, Holland Casino belongs to one of the largest casinos in the gambling industry, and almost everyone has heard of the name ‘Holland Casino’. Today at Holland Casino, you can take advantage of a wonderful gaming offer with popular casino games, attractive bonuses, a loyalty program, attentive customer service, several secure payment options and as of October 1, you can even gamble online at Holland Casino

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