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The Goal
Card Values
How Do You Play Blackjack?
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Blackjack is a very approachable activity. The rules are easy to learn, and it doesn’t take long to set up.

This makes blackjack perfect for starting out as a card player in the casino or online casino. Once the player has mastered blackjack, he can carefully move on to more exciting card games such as poker and baccarat.

You Can Play Online Blackjack Here

We are committed to giving you a fair, safe, and fun place to gamble. Please use the filter option and choose the country that you’re in at the moment. We have made sure that only online casinos pop up that follow the local laws and holds the right license.

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The Goal of Blackjack

Speel je online blackjack dan is het zaak dat je probeert om met jouw kaarten zo dicht mogelijk bij de 21 te komen. Jij moet in elk geval dichter bij de 21 komen dan de bank, en het is belangrijk dat je onder die 21 punten blijft. Kom je boven de 21 punten uit bij  blackjack, dan zal de bank hoe dan ook winnen, ongeacht de punten die de bank gehad zou hebben.

Card Values

Om te weten hoe dicht je bij het getal 21 zit, moet je uiteraard weten wat de waarden van de kaarten zijn. We hebben het voor je op een rijtje gezet.

  • Kaarten met een afbeelding. Onder kaarten met een afbeelding verstaan we de Boer, Vrouw of Heer. Die kaarten hebben elk een waarde van 10 punten.
  • Genummerde kaarten. Dit zijn de kaarten 2 tot en met 10, deze hebben de waarde zoals op de kaart staat vermeld.
  • De Aas. De Aas is 1 of 11 punten waard. Het is dan de vraag welke waarde jou het dichtste naar de 21 brengt, maar je mag er niet overheen gaan.

How Do You Play Online Blackjack?

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Online blackjack is er in meerdere varianten. Ze zijn allemaal ontwikkeld om het nog spannender te maken voor de speler. Ook in het live casino verschijnen steeds meer blackjack varianten.

Voor nu houden we het bij een virtueel blackjack spel met een RNG systeem met de standaard regels, zo kunnen wij het jou makkelijk uitleggen.

  1. Select an Online Casino

    The very first and perhaps most important thing to do if you want to play online blackjack is: find a good casino that offers blackjack. We’ve listed some reliable online casinos below, we hope there’s one to your liking!

    select blackjack casino

  2. Choose one of the Blackjack Variants

    Several blackjack variants can be found online. You have two main categories. The first is in the live casino, where you play against a real dealer via a webcam connection. Next to that, you have games that work with a Random Number Generator(?). For this Howto, we have chosen the last one mentioned. Within these two categories, you have many more interesting blackjack variants.

    online blackjack games

  3. Place Your Bet

    From the moment you place your bet you officially take part in the game. Betting online is very easy. You simply select your desired coin value and place it on the table.

    place bets

  4. The Cards Are Dealt

    Once you have placed your bet, the bank deals two cards in a clockwise direction to each person. The banker gives himself one card. You may have already collected 21 points in one go. If that is the case, you win 1.5 times your bet. If you have such a ‘natural’ blackjack, you are paid out immediately. Unless the dealer gets another blackjack, the bet remains intact until the dealer has a second card.

    how to play blackjack

  5. Make your Choice

    If you don’t get blackjack after the first round, the game continues. You have the following options:

    – Pass (stand): you should do this if you are satisfied with the value of the two cards in front of you.

    – Ask for a card (hit)

    – Double down: if you double down, you will automatically receive another card from the dealer. You do this if your cards have a combined value of 9, 10, or 11.

    – Split: You can split if you have two identical cards. If you choose this option, you will continue to play with the cards separately. The second card is the same bet. For more on splitting go to our page dedicated to splitting in blackjack.

    – Surrender: If your chances of winning have become too slim, you can choose to surrender. You will then lose half of your bet. If you have a total of 16 or 15, or the banker has a 9 or 10, this is a wise move.

    – Insurance: If the bank’s first card is an ace, then you can insure. This means that you place an additional bet equal to half of your initial bet. If the dealer has a blackjack and wins, your insurance bet is paid out twice, allowing you to make up for the loss of your initial bet.

    betting options

  6. The Bank Plays

    When all players have finished playing, the bank deals cards to itself. If his cards have a value of 17 or above, he must pass. If the banker turns over a card with a value of 6 or higher at 16 points, he is bust and everyone, who is not already bust, wins.

    bank plays

  7. Pay-Out

    Finally, you get paid out: 
    – If you win you get 1x your stake
    – When there is a tie you get your stake back
    – If you lose, you lose your stake


Rule Variations Online Blackjack

Not all games follow the standard rules of blackjack. This applies to both land-based casinos and online casinos. There are many different ways that a casino may choose to play the blackjack game, and you must know what these are so that you can choose the game that best suits your style and preferences.

These different game variations can affect how the game is played, the speed, and especially the house edge.

  • Soft 17 for the dealer: a soft 17 is a hand worth 17 with an Ace. A player would have the choice to ask for an additional card or to pass. Casinos do not want their dealers to have to make decisions. They prefer them to do the same by default. This is where the difference lies. In some games, the dealer will automatically ask for another card at a soft 17, and in other games, they will pass. In most popular casinos, the dealer always passes on soft 17. The house edge increases slightly if the dealer asks for a card on a soft 17.
  • Payout in blackjack: this is definitely an important point to pay attention to. Casinos payout blackjacks at 3:2 or 6:5. What does this mean? Let’s look at an example: you bet €10 and get blackjack. Casino A pays 3:2, and Casino B pays 6:5. At Casino A, you receive €10 times three, divided by 2 = €15 for your winning hand. At Casino B, you receive €10 times six, divided by 5 = €12 for your winning hand. As you can see, this can make a big difference.
  • Doubling: in some variations, players can only double on certain hands. This puts players at a disadvantage, as it takes away certain profitable opportunities to double down. Depending on the exact restrictions on when players can double, the house edge can increase by as much as 0.18% compared to double on every starting hand.
  • Doubling after splitting: players are allowed to double after splitting in some games but not in others. It is an advantage for the player if they are allowed to do so. The house edge increases by about 0.15% when a player cannot.
    Re-splitting: splitting up after an initial split can also be advantageous to players in the right circumstances. However, it is not allowed in all games.
  • Surrender: you speak of surrender when a player has such a bad hand and surrenders, at the cost of half his stake. It is only the right thing to do in a minimal number of situations, so the surrender rule’s advantage is not huge. However, it is an advantage, so the house advantage is affected. The net effect depends on the exact rule, as there are different rules about the circumstances in which a player can surrender.
  • Dealer peeks at the down card: here, we mean the dealer checks for blackjack if his open card is an ace or a ten. If it is blackjack, the hand ends immediately. This rule is an advantage for the player. In some circumstances, it is good to split or double against an ace or ten, and those bets will always lose if the dealer eventually turns out to have a blackjack. Knowing in advance that the dealer has a blackjack prevents the player from suffering those additional losses. If the dealer cheats, the house edge reduces by about 0.1%.z

Online Blackjack Strategy

Blackjack is an exciting game, especially for the mathematicians among us. For decades they have been trying to figure out which hand would be best to choose, and from this, the basic strategy was born.

If you apply this strategy correctly, you can reduce the house edge to as little as 0.5% in most versions of blackjack. There will always be a house edge. However, if you can reduce it to 0.5%, there will be more times than not when you’re in the black. The trick is to stop at the right moment.


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We first find the name blackjack in America in the nineteenth century, where a manufacturer of card tables printed its logo “BlackJack” on the tables. Consequently, people started calling the game “blackjack” in popular speech.

Slowly but surely, this name spread to every corner of the world. To this day people still call the game blackjack The aim of playing blackjack is still to get twenty-one points.

You always play this game against the bank or the dealer who provides the cards. The game of blackjack was initially not very popular in America. Still, by increasing the prices and introducing attractive bonuses, blackjack slowly became one of the most popular card games in American casinos. Especially because of the additional rules introduced, such as getting twenty-one through an ace of spades and jack of spades or jack of clubs (blackjack), whereby the player could achieve a profit of 10 times your bet, the game increased in popularity.

By the way, other experts think that this rule was the very reason for calling the game blackjack, which would not be surprising. How the game got its somewhat sinister name is, except for general development, not so important.

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