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How Do You Play It?
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When you think of the game Bingo, you probably envision an old people’s home where sweet grannies and grandpas sit at the table with a bingo card. The game of Bingo, once intended to win big money, has been pushed back to the seniors over the years.

Today, however, the game is on the rise again. Online Bingo is being played more and more these days, and with new bingo variants like Megaball being hugely popular, it could well be that bingo is on its way to becoming one of the biggest online casino games.

Best Online Casinos to Play Bingo

We are committed to giving you a fair, safe, and fun place to gamble. Please use the filter option and choose the country that you’re in at the moment. We have made sure that only online casinos pop up that follow the local laws and hold the right license.

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How Do You Play Online Bingo?

Time needed: 10 minutes.

Most online casinos offer some form of bingo, which you can play for free or for real money.

  1. Select an Online Casino

    The very first and perhaps most important thing to do if you want to play bingo is: find a good casino that offers bingo. We’ve listed some reliable online casinos above, we hope there’s one to your liking!

    online bingo casino

  2. Select Card and Choose Bet Amount

    To start playing you choose the size of your bet and the number of bingo cards you want to play with. The betting limits and the number of bingo cards you can play with will vary from game to game.

    seelect cards and bet amount

  3. Start Online Bingo

    Now the game can really begin. As soon as you press the start button the game starts and you don’t really have to do much more. All numbers are automatically removed from your bingo card. And if you play with a lot of cards, they will be sorted from closest to furthest from reaching bingo.

    how to play online bingo

  4. Payout

    The payout varies per game. In the example game, the payout table is at the top right. One line pays out 4 times and if you have all the corners then you win 1x your bet.


Popular Online Bingo Variants:

Mega Ball

Mega Ball has made bingo attractive to a whole new audience. We highly recommend the new live casino game to bingo and lottery lovers. In our opinion it is one of the best new games in a long time. For a detailed explanation, visit our Mega Ball page.


Keno is one of the oldest forms of bingo and was even played in ancient China. Today, this exciting game is especially popular in America, although it is becoming increasingly popular in the rest of the world as well. For more on this game go to our page about Keno.

The Layout of an Online Bingo Card

A bingo card consists of 5 rows of numbers. These are rows of 5 by 5 numbers. The word BINGO is at the top of the card and the letters are the head of a row of numbers written from top to bottom.

The center of the card is blank; you won’t find a number there. There are a total of 24 numbers and 1 blank space on the bingo card. The structure of the card is as follows;

  • The letter B. Below the letter B are 5 numbers vertically. The numbers are from the sequence 1 to 15.
  • The letter I. Under the letter I there are 5 numbers from the series 16 to 30.
  • The letter N. Under the letter N are 4 numbers from the series 31 to 45. The middle box is blank or contains a logo.
  • The letter G. Under the letter G there are 5 numbers from the range 46 to 60.
  • The letter O. Under the letter O there are 5 numbers from the series 61 to 75.


  • Do you have to check off your numbers yourself at online bingo?

    No, you don’t have to. As mentioned earlier in this article, the computer does that for you. This is perfect for people who like to talk in the chat rooms while playing. Or for players who play with many bingo cards at once.

  • How old do you have to be to play online bingo?

    To play online bingo you have to be 18 years old in most countries. Because according to the law bingo is a gambling game.

  • Is online bingo fair?

    The great thing about bingo is that it is generally very fair and safe. However you have to choose a good and reliable casino. You can check this quickly by looking at the licenses. If a casino has a license, then you are definitely safe there.

  • How much does a game of online bingo cost?

    This varies per online casino and per game. You can often play from as little as 2 cents per game.

  • What’s the origin?

    The game of bingo has its origins in 1530 in Italy. There it was a party game which was mostly the nobility of the beans which were placed on the numbers on a bingo card when a number was called.

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