Casino Words Dictionary (A-Z)


iDIN is a Dutch online identification system. The iD stands for “identificatie” (=identification in Dutch) and IN stands for “Inloggen” (=logging in in Dutch). It works the same as iDEAL.

When identifying with iDIN you will be redirected to your own bank. Here you follow the steps as you know them from iDEAL. Only now you do not make a transfer or something similar, but your bank provides personal data. In this way your identity is safely checked.

Random Number Generator

A Random Number Generator is a piece of software that creates random numbers. Online casinos are required to use a Random Number Generator in their games. It is strictly controlled by governments to ensure that they comply with this.

In online slots a Random Number Generator determines when the reels come to a stop, in virtual table games a Random Number Generator determines which cards are dealt and in live casino games the multipliers are determined by means of a Random Number Generator.


The Return to Player (RTP) is the percentage of the total wager on a casino game that, on average, returns to the player in the long run.

If the RTP is 97%, then 3% will go to the casino in the long run.

Straight Up Bet

A Straight Up Bet is a way of betting in roulette where you bet on a single number. The payout that usually follows is 36x.

Volatility / Variance

For low volatility / variance casino games, the emphasis is mainly on winning lower amounts more often. For a high vlatility / variance, the reverse is true. So with an extremely high volatility / variance slot machine, you won’t win often, but when you do win, it will be a large amount.

An example of a very volatile casino game is XXXtreme Lightning Roulette.

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